About South Jersey Elite Barons


About Us
The South Jersey Elite Barons (SJEB) Soccer Academy is a 501© 3 not-for-profit organization registered in the State of New Jersey and are a premier soccer academy catering to the U8-U20 age groups. SJEB are committed to providing a comprehensive and progressive developmental training program for the serious soccer athlete. Our goal is to create a professional training environment that will allow for all players and teams to reach their highest potential. It is essential that all our members have respect for the game, their teammates, coaches and opponents. We are committed to providing highly qualified and motivated staff members that will work diligently at teaching the game at all levels.

Goals and Objectives
Our training objective is to promote the development of youth soccer players through age appropriate technical, tactical, physical and psychological training methods. To build a reputation for developing well rounded players using a positive environment focusing on improving ability, drive, responsibility, dedication, discipline, and commitment. To become the best developmental program in the region.

SJEB offer an array of player and club development programs to all levels of players. Consistent developmental programs, appropriate age specific implementation of the four pillars of soccer (technical, tactical, physical and psychological), competitive training and playing environment at all ages, identification and nurturing of players with exceptional ability, elimination of parental and coaching agendas from developmental process, application of appropriate year round programs, encourage players to challenge themselves by playing up or participating in higher level activities (regional or national pools, foreign exchange programs).

It is the objective of the
South Jersey Elite Barons to create the right environment for the elite youth soccer player to reach their own true potential. Our staff understands the importance of providing a solid foundation for the young players. The future development and success of a young player depends on receiving correct and relevant information at an early age. We have designed a curriculum that emphasizes age-specific technical skills combined with teaching them how to make tactical decisions on the field.

To range our success, we have approached our teams with long term goals. Our most important goal is to develop the player and not use the quick fix route that uses winning as its only measurement. Our program as it progresses out of infancy has been influenced and adapted from several of the best youth systems in the world. In essence, we have taken the best aspects domestically and abroad and have tailored it to the needs of the American youth player. In short, it is our goal to develop and attract the best players in South Jersey and put them in the most demanding/competitive environment.

An environment of this magnitude will allow players to perform outside their comfort zone, which will increase their learning curve. Have you ever heard the sayings, "Practice makes perfect" or "Practice does not make perfect it makes permanent?" Well we not only think that perfect practice makes for perfect performance, but quality practice maximizes potential. This is why we wish to increase the number of times a player practices in a quality environment. It is important that we give our youth every opportunity to realize their potential!